The Product

The Product

The Product

   We Early detect Frailty Symptoms and Elderly Disease at a stage they may be treated and return the elder adult be independent.

   Perlis Ltd has developed an innovative, Patent Pending seamless health and wellness monitoring solution for the elderly population wishing to age well at home or in CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Communities).

   Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are utilized to allow individuals to live independently in their preferred environment. Thus, systems are patient-centered rather than institution-centered as they are designed to address the needs of individuals, their families and caregivers rather than those of health care facilities. Furthermore, such technologies can allow for the detection of emergencies and provide the means to increase social interaction and minimize isolation for residents (by increasing access to information, entertainment resources and communication with peers).

   PerlisCare™ not only detects alert lifesaving situation to caregivers, its early detection feature of Frailty Symptoms enable to monitored elder adult not to be at these alert situation in the first place. It is a preventive and proactive solution, which enables professional caregivers prioritize scheduling to provide the care to those who most needed at the current to time and saves from the elders suffer, while at the same time saves enormous unnecessary expenses from the insurance provider.


   PerlisCare™ - Patent Pending Solution consists of a Gateway at the elder’s residence, which connects a vast variety of sensors that monitor the movement and vital signs of the elder’s condition. The data is evaluated by an Artificial Intelligence system (currently based on our Patent Pending Fuzzy Logic Technology) and is provided to stakeholders (close family, physician and other caregivers).
   The system is event driven which means that sensors and other devices perform measurements which are analyzed and evaluated. Once a decision is reached regarding the occurrence of an event, it alerts the caregiver and enables the provision of a proper response. 

   The system monitors various activities of persons in rooms of a home or in a residential care facility. The system determines when the person is in distress and communicates that fact to appropriate personnel, wherein the monitored person in not expected to take any action.

   Our product is a software enhancement, to be used as an Intelligent Decision Making System, which can be installed on top of any other monitoring hardware equipment. While existing monitoring hardware is designed to issue alerts in catastrophic, lifesaving events, PerlisCare™  also provides alerts about significant changes in daily activities. Such alerts can give nonprofessional caregivers peace of mind and also supply significant trend identification to professional caregivers about early detection of Frail Elderly Situations. 

The product consists of Wireless Sensors deployed at home, an Internet GateWay and the intelligent analysis module placed on the Cloud. All together are part of a global IoT solution.

Our product analyzes the Big Data of the specific monitored individual in contradiction to many other products and currently used technology to analyze Global BigData of many different individuals. For this reason it is focused on professional caregiver's needs to provide personal care.

It implements Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Decision Making technology integrated in a timely Multi-Resolution architecture of Intelligent Systems. The Fuzzy Logic technology is superior for developing a useful tool in the Caregiver Industry to other Artificial Intelligence alternatives, since Data Mining, clustering and similar techniques require prior acquisition of a large amount of data, while probabilistic methods, like Bayesian theorem based methods, require early information about population statistics, regarding the relevant events to be monitored. The Fuzzy Decision Making Technology does require "Rules" to be introduced by the stakeholders in a natural language and focused on their unique needs. Our technology analyzes the personal BigData of the monitored individual, while other AI methods analyze the behavior of the global (or other large number) population BigData.

The acquired raw measured data is transmitted by sensors through the Gateway and is evaluated at first, on the Cloud based Relational Data Base using robotic technologies. Noises like false reads of sensors are eliminated by correlating data with the physical environment. The Activities of Daily Living (ADL) are now evaluated.
The Fuzzy Logic is a multi-value logic, a mathematical method which uses the heuristic type of decision-making and which is able to receive input in a natural and non-accurate language (which is always approximate). It is rule based, contrary to other Artificial Intelligence methods, which are BigData based. Before data is acquired by sensors we may only have rules to consider if the acquired data means that the elder's activity is normal or abnormal and an alert should be issued at an individual threshold constrained by the specific care giver request.

Since our product is built on an Open Architecture Communication Subsystem, the measured data may also come from any off the shelf, standard communicating measuring relevant device or connection to personal Electronic Records. PerlisCare(TM) Solution will transform this data in an integrated, aggregated decision process, as a human would achieve. 

This product includes a distribution subsystem, which takes care of privacy and delivers only the authorized information to approved stakeholders. 

PerlisCare™ System is a uniquely developed system based on robotics and on a distributed autonomous systems technology. Perlis depends on OEM sensor solutions while “Smartly” integrating them into one system. Perlis Proprietary algorithms are applied to the acquired data in order to provide a monitoring system capable of detecting development of health threatening situations. The intelligence of PerlisCare™ comes from implementing the NIST Intelligent Systems Architecture, originally designed for autonomous vehicles.

  • PERLIS uses servers for its IT solution in order to archive the acquired sensory data. 
  • The system implements a unique platform allowing it to easily integrate its sensors, while allowing future sensors to be replaced relatively effortless.
  • The sensor integration is based on robotic architectures and techniques.
  • The Decision Making System is based on human expert knowledge exploitation using a natural language Rule Based approach and human like approximate reasoning.
  • Alert notifications will be issued for aggregated information of all relevant behavioral detected changes; they will issue only authorized information to approved stakeholders, each one receiving only the information appropriate to his needs.  

Perlis characteristics

  • We have only one copy
  • Distributed solution on the Cloud
  • Special care of privacy and security
  • Close to customers all around the world, while continuously updated and supported.
  • No downtime
  • Scaling as the Cloud services enable.
  • Fully autonomous solution. No need for human intervention, still enable decision makers to get information and analysis as they prefer, in a focused and professional language.

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